Official Selections

The 2017 Official Selections


Friday August 4th At The National Black Theater – The Temple Theater
                                Screening Schedule 7pm – 11pm



Tough Love | 49:57 | Created by Caleb Davis & Roni Simpson

A digital series about six millennials in New York City participating in a paid social experiment which helps them delve deeper into their struggles with dating and relationships.

The Ave | 14:00 | Created by Bobby Ashley

After a police officer shoots an ambitious African American student, his Brownsville community rallies for answers and peace within this racially divided society.

Make Up x Break Up | 12:00 | Created by Eric Dickens

When Brooke blindsides Blake and ends their two year relationship, Blake doesn’t hesitate before jumping back into the New York dating scene. Instantly he finds a new love interest and regains his confidence. Once things begin to get serious, Brooke resurfaces and wants to claim what was once hers. Confused, Blake finds himself caught in the middle. When the dust settles, who will win him over in the end?

Working Out The Kinks | 8:00 | Created by J. Nycole Ralph

Jada and her three closest friends/roommates (Tyrell, Crystal, and Moné) pursue their artistic ventures in the Big Apple while juggling the ups and downs that come with black hair – particularly natural hair.

Looking Through The Windows | 10:45 | Created by Cris Thorne

Sam and Denise recently tied the knot and have purchased their first house. With their crazy circle of family and friends now just around the corner, perhaps they moved a little too close to home…. This is still a series about “adulting”, just with more experience and trauma.

Body Jumpers | 19:15 | Created by Alex Fernandez

The pilot episode for the re imagined Body Jumpers. Body Jumpers Resurrection follows the story of Sonja Rayne a hacker who’s life is changed forever when she finds a power suit.

 American Beat Boxer | 22:00 | Created by Manavaskar Kublall, Richard McKeown & Chesney Snow

This fresh, compelling, exciting and ground breaking series follows the lives of five beatboxers on their way the finals of the 6th American Beatbox Championships.

Tattoo Life | 13:16 | Created by Gil Rios

This series is about the legendary tattoo artist Rene Soto. Rene talks about his life, His major struggles in the tattoo world and his rise to popularity. Rene has done tattoos for legendary Hip-Hip artist such as- Cypress Hill, Brand Nubian, De La Soul, the Def Squad, Smith n Wesson and the legendary 2Pac Shakur.

Reem TV Radio | 15:00 | Created by Reem’o Meerak

Media go getter Reem’o Meerak’s show finds him on-location conducting some of the most insightful interviews with some of the most influential entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, and trailblazers in media today.

Hip-Hop POV Game Show | TBD | Created by Bravo Captain

Infusing Hip-Hop culture, education, history and good ole fun, the HHPOV game show is definitely on the cutting edge of the podcast world and new media.